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3/20/2017 - 3/29/2017


Monday, March 20, 2017
 4:00 PM    NASA Sci Files: The Case of the Biological Biosphere
 5:00 PM    Girls: Moving Beyond Myth
 5:30 PM    Justifiable Homicide
 7:00 PM    Blueprint for Truth
 8:00 PM    How I got Over
 9:30 PM    Desire
11:00 PM    Democracy Now!

Tuesday, March 21, 2017
12:00 AM    Invisible Children
 1:00 AM    Community Bulletin Board
 9:00 AM    Journey to Tarahumara
10:00 AM    Jabberwock Program 2005
11:00 AM    The Diamond Empire
12:00 PM    Nation Institute, With Toni Morrison & Cornell West
 1:00 PM    Generation Baby Buster
 2:30 PM    Wildlife Matters: Florida Ecosystems & their Endangered Animals
 3:00 PM    Country Music Jubilee:  Red Johnson
 4:00 PM    Give Your Walls Some Soul: Statue
 5:00 PM    Florida Yard Fandango
 6:00 PM    Winning
 7:00 PM    The Garden
 8:30 PM    Damage Done: The Drug War Odyssey
 9:30 PM    Stop
11:00 PM    Democracy Now!

Wednesday, March 22, 2017
12:00 AM    Secrets of Silicon Valley
 1:00 AM    Community Bulletin Board
 9:00 AM    Juneteenth
10:00 AM    Culture Vultures: James E. Tokley Sr., Poet Laureate
10:30 AM    The Scoop: Lead Poison Prevention
11:00 AM    House Appropriations Committee:  PEG Channels
 1:00 PM    Pay 2 Play: Democracy's High Stakes
 2:30 PM    Mi Gente Tampa Bay: Prospera
 3:00 PM    Western Eyes
 4:00 PM    Link TV: World Music Special
 5:00 PM    Yom Hashoah: The Survivors Speak
 6:00 PM    Tampa Bay Insiders: Victor Crist
 6:30 PM    The Word of Truth: Can't Remain Under Grace Without the Law
 7:30 PM    Spotlight on Government: Eric Olsen, Hillsborough County Consumer Protection Services
 8:00 PM    TBCN's Sports Talk: Richard Schmidt
 8:30 PM    African American Cancer Awareness
 9:00 PM    The Closure Myth
10:00 PM    Water Wars
11:00 PM    Democracy Now!

Thursday, March 23, 2017
12:00 AM    Selling Sickness
 1:00 AM    Community Bulletin Board
 9:00 AM    #BlackLivesMatter
10:00 AM    Tampa Bay Insiders: Tom Scott
10:30 AM    Culture Vultures: The Florida Aquarium
11:00 AM    The Gerson Miracle
12:31 PM    Enviro Close-up: #518 - Lead Poisoning
 1:00 PM    Just Me and Mom
 2:00 PM    Tree of Conscience
 3:00 PM    Jazz Cardio Strength Stretch
 3:30 PM    Native American Artists
 4:00 PM    National Gallery of Art: Modern Masters
 5:00 PM    Homeland: Four Portraits of Native Action
 6:30 PM    Stop
 8:00 PM    Black Ice
 9:00 PM    Psywar
10:38 PM    Purr View: Diabetic Cats
11:00 PM    Democracy Now!

Friday, March 24, 2017
12:00 AM    Theories of Niggativity
 1:00 AM    Community Bulletin Board
 9:00 AM    National Gallery of Art: Paul Gauguin
10:00 AM    Creating Success: Launch and Grow Your Business
10:30 AM    Autism & Your Community: Autism & Healthy Living
11:00 AM    Dirty Energy
12:34 PM    Purr View: Cat Exposé
 1:00 PM    How I got Over
 2:30 PM    Tech Bowl
 3:00 PM    Holocaust Remembrance Day
 4:00 PM    Ophelia Project's Boys Initiative
 4:30 PM    Pancake Mountain
 5:00 PM    Sacco and Vanzetti
 6:30 PM    Nation Institute, With Toni Morrison & Cornell West
 7:30 PM    Advanced Class Production: Smash Mouth Sports
 8:30 PM    Advanced Class Production:  American Idea Foundation (Single)
 9:00 PM    Advanced Class Production: Tampa Grapevine
10:00 PM    Mothers in Prison. Children in Crisis
11:00 PM    Democracy Now!

Saturday, March 25, 2017
12:00 AM    Ophelia Project - Gender Violence
 1:00 AM    Community Bulletin Board
 9:00 AM    Curiosity Quest Goes Green: Food Rescue
 9:30 AM    Adventures of Donkey Ollie: Off to Rome
10:00 AM    Reading Aloud with Judith McConnell:  The Tailor of Gloucester
10:30 AM    Pancake Mountain
11:00 AM    Polka Dot Tour: Bringing Breast Cancer Awareness to the Streets
12:00 PM    His Captive Heart
12:30 PM    Money & Life
 2:00 PM    The Schenectady Techsplorer:  Dr. Oliver H. Winn - Civilization Without Oil
 3:00 PM    Effectively Managing Feral Cats
 3:31 PM    Living Green:  Living with Sea Turtles
 4:00 PM    NASA Sci Files:  The Case of the Mysterious Material
 5:00 PM    Bush Family Fortunes: The Best Democracy Money Can Buy
 6:00 PM    Resistance as Democracy
 7:00 PM    Speak Up Tampa Bay: Religious Tolerance
 8:00 PM    Louisiana Fenceline, God and Greenpeace in Cancer Alley
 9:00 PM    Red State Road Trip Retread
10:30 PM    Breaking the Silence, Lifting the Stigma of HIV AIDS in Ethiopia
11:00 PM    Accessory to Murder

Sunday, March 26, 2017
 1:00 AM    Community Bulletin Board
 9:00 AM    God's Story
10:30 AM    Dynamic Women of Color with Ageless Wisdom
11:00 AM    Big Media is Big Enough Already
 1:00 PM    PT Speaks: Kachda and Marriage
 1:30 PM    Yom HaShoah - A Holocaust Remembrance
 2:00 PM    Jabberwock Program 2005
 3:00 PM    Frog Princes
 4:00 PM    Frogs in Space
 5:00 PM    Wine Inside Out
 5:30 PM    Stealing America
 7:00 PM    Hillsborough Health: Serving Children & Families with Quality and Safety
 7:30 PM    Tomorrow's America: Immorality of Illegal Immigration
 8:00 PM    HIV + AIDS 101: Survival in the New Millenium
 9:00 PM    Innovation Fixation:  TiE/New Market Partners/ChannelLauncher
 9:30 PM    Shelter From The Storm
10:00 PM    Beyond Treason
11:30 PM    Abel Raises Cain

Monday, March 27, 2017
 1:00 AM    Community Bulletin Board
 9:00 AM    Maggie Growls
10:00 AM    The Scoop: United Way
10:30 AM    Spotlight on Government: Hillsborough County Office of Emergency Management
11:00 AM    The Beloved Community
12:00 PM    Culture Vultures
12:30 PM    Link TV: The Middle East
 1:00 PM    Life and Times of Nelson Mandela
 3:00 PM    Link TV: Spiritual India
 3:31 PM    Afghanistan: A Strategy of Commitment
 4:00 PM    TBPAC - Patel Conservatory:  Summerplay - It Ain't What it Seems
 5:00 PM    Ask Dog Lady
 5:30 PM    Tree-Sit: The Art of Resistance
 7:31 PM    Wildlife Haven Rehab
 8:00 PM    Resistance as Democracy
 9:00 PM    Dream Shadows
 9:30 PM    The Universal Clock
11:00 PM    Democracy Now!

Tuesday, March 28, 2017
12:00 AM    #BlackLivesMatter
 1:00 AM    Community Bulletin Board
 9:00 AM    Children of the Tsunami
10:00 AM    Spotlight on Government: Chief Eric Ward, Tampa Police Department
10:30 AM    Culture Vultures: Ballet & Dance Orchestra (BADO)
11:00 AM    A Question of Ethics: Underway with Raab -The School of Life - Pt. 19B (Single) (LTA)
11:41 AM    Mi Gente Tampa Bay: Económico Desarrollo
12:00 PM    National Gallery of Art: Ginevra's Story
 1:00 PM    I Do Exist: Is a Changed Life Possible?
 2:00 PM    The Brainwashing of My Dad
 3:30 PM    Dream Shadows
 4:00 PM    NASA Sci Files: Case of the Radical Ride
 5:00 PM    Dirty Energy
 6:34 PM    Innovation Fixation:  Computer Mentors/Hoverowl/Cyber Secure Partners
 7:00 PM    Mothers in Prison. Children in Crisis
 8:00 PM    Spit it Out
 9:00 PM    Manufacturing Consent: Noam Chomsky and the Media
11:00 PM    Democracy Now!

Wednesday, March 29, 2017
12:00 AM    An Injury to One
 1:00 AM    Community Bulletin Board
 9:00 AM    Helping Seniors Understand Reverse Mortgages
10:00 AM    Holocaust Remembrance Day
11:00 AM    Outreach Presents the Oscars: Oscar Winner - Anthony Molinara
11:32 AM    Close Tallulah Now!
12:00 PM    Give Your Walls Some Soul:  This Abstract Has Soul
 1:00 PM    Money & Life
 2:30 PM    Mi Gente Tampa Bay
 3:00 PM    TBVA 2008 Short Stories
 4:00 PM    NASA Sci Files: Case of the Radical Ride
 5:00 PM    American Democracy Television
 6:00 PM    Tampa Bay Insiders: Carolyn Collins, NAACP
 6:30 PM    Black Ice
 7:30 PM    Spotlight on Government
 8:00 PM    TBCN Sports Talk: Frank Oliver
 8:30 PM    Don Juan Tenorio Spanish Theatre Production
10:32 PM    YMCA Salsa Workout
11:00 PM    Democracy Now!