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2/21/2017 - 3/1/2017


Tuesday, February 21, 2017
 4:30 PM    Jazz Cardio Strength Stretch
 5:00 PM    Resistance as Democracy
 6:00 PM    Inventos: Hip Hop Cubano
 7:00 PM    Cure for Love
 8:00 PM    30 Odd Minutes:  Animal Ghosts
 8:30 PM    Wine Inside Out
 9:00 PM    Dream Shadows
 9:30 PM    Red State Road Trip Retread
11:00 PM    Democracy Now!

Wednesday, February 22, 2017
12:00 AM    Western Eyes
 1:00 AM    Community Bulletin Board
 9:00 AM    Link TV: Spiritual India
 9:31 AM    Florida's Water...Wealth for Our Future
10:00 AM    Helping Seniors Understand Reverse Mortgages
11:00 AM    Sharing Miracles: Mark and Bruce
11:30 AM    Homeland: Four Portraits of Native Action
 1:00 PM    The Apple Pushers
 2:12 PM    Gone Camping
 2:30 PM    Mi Gente Tampa Bay: Discriminacion Laboral por Origen Nacional
 3:00 PM    Hillsborough County Aging Services Alzheimer's: 36 Hour Day
 4:00 PM    National Gallery of Art: Paul Gauguin
 5:00 PM    Journey to Tarahumara
 6:00 PM    Tampa Bay Insiders: Sidney Morgan
 6:30 PM    The Word of Truth: Paganism of Heathen
 7:30 PM    Spotlight on Government: Susan Valdes, Hillsborough County Public Schools
 8:00 PM    TBCN Sports Talk: Celadrin Tigerettes
 8:30 PM    Grilldog: Pig'n Out
 9:00 PM    Dirty Energy
10:34 PM    Chink in the Armor
11:00 PM    Democracy Now!

Thursday, February 23, 2017
12:00 AM    Ophelia Project - Gender Violence
 1:00 AM    Community Bulletin Board
 9:00 AM    Battle for the Klamath
10:00 AM    Culture Vultures: Tampa Bay History Center
10:30 AM    Spotlight on Government: Charlie Miranda, Tampa City Council
11:00 AM    Black Ice
12:00 PM    Dylan's Run
 2:00 PM    Under One Sky
 3:00 PM    Gasparilla Nite Parade '92
 4:00 PM    Cub Scout Pinewood Derby 2011
 5:00 PM    Outfoxed:  Rupert Murdoch's War on Journalism
 6:30 PM    Call of Life
 8:00 PM    The Diamond Empire
 9:00 PM    Give Your Walls Some Soul:  This Abstract Has Soul
10:00 PM    The Intolerable Burden
11:00 PM    Democracy Now!

Friday, February 24, 2017
12:00 AM    Theories of Niggativity
 1:00 AM    Community Bulletin Board
 9:00 AM    Healing Gardens of New York
10:00 AM    Speak Up Tampa Bay Special: Amy Goodman
10:30 AM    Mi Gente Tampa Bay: Servicios del UACDC
11:00 AM    Push and Pull: Free Trade & the Immigration Debate
12:37 PM    Reading Aloud with Judith McConnell:  The Tailor of Gloucester
 1:00 PM    Link TV: Outside the Box
 1:31 PM    Stop! The Destruction of the World
 2:00 PM    Ask Dog Lady
 2:30 PM    Waging A Living
 4:00 PM    Butterfly Tales
 4:30 PM    Creative Arts Theatre Presents... Puppet Show
 5:00 PM    Fa-zaker
 5:30 PM    Water Wars
 6:30 PM    Roosevelt Live!
 7:30 PM    The Scoop: LifePath Hospice
 8:00 PM    The Diamond Empire
 9:00 PM    Advanced Class Production: Tampa Grapevine
10:00 PM    Inventos: Hip Hop Cubano
11:00 PM    Democracy Now!

Saturday, February 25, 2017
12:00 AM    Childhood Lost
 1:00 AM    Community Bulletin Board
 9:00 AM    Curiosity Quest Goes Green: Tire Recycling
 9:30 AM    Adventures of Donkey Ollie: Welcome to the Island
10:00 AM    NASA Sci Files: Case of the Ocean Odyssey
11:00 AM    NASA Sci Files: Case of the Powerful Pulleys
12:00 PM    Seventh-Gay Adventists
 2:00 PM    We Are Not Ghosts
 3:00 PM    Children of the Tsunami
 4:00 PM    Pet Masquerade 2009
 5:00 PM    The Forgotten Bomb
 7:00 PM    Speak Up Tampa Bay: Bullying in Schools
 8:00 PM    Tree-Sit: The Art of Resistance
10:30 PM    Maggie Growls
11:30 PM    Is It Really So Strange?

Sunday, February 26, 2017
 1:00 AM    Community Bulletin Board
 9:00 AM    The Apple Pushers
10:30 AM    Advanced Class Production:  Stone's Throw
11:00 AM    Refrigerator Mothers
12:00 PM    Time and Judgment
 1:30 PM    Don Juan Tenorio Spanish Theatre Production
 3:32 PM    YMCA Salsa Workout
 4:00 PM    Not Me
 4:30 PM    Fitness Agenda: Abs
 5:00 PM    House Appropriations Committee:  PEG Channels
 7:00 PM    Hillsborough Health: Servicio de Transportación Provisto por Sunshine Line
 7:30 PM    The Old Man and Jesus: Prophets and Rebellion
 9:00 PM    Innovation Fixation:  TiE/New Market Partners/ChannelLauncher
 9:30 PM    America: Freedom to Fascism
11:30 PM    The Universal Clock

Monday, February 27, 2017
 1:00 AM    Community Bulletin Board
 9:00 AM    Job Hunting 101: Doing Your Homework: How to Prepare for Your Interview
 9:30 AM    Tobey Archer - HCC Light Artist
10:00 AM    Yom Hashoah: The Survivors Speak
11:00 AM    Where Should the Birds Fly?
12:00 PM    Culture Vultures
12:30 PM    Pay 2 Play: Democracy's High Stakes
 2:00 PM    Jabberwock Program 2005
 3:00 PM    Cure for Love
 4:00 PM    National Gallery of Art: Modern Masters
 5:00 PM    Teen Talk:  Arts & Entertainment
 5:30 PM    The Last Fighters
 7:00 PM    Plutocracy I: Divide et Impera
 9:00 PM    30 Odd Minutes: Faeries with Rosemary Ellen Guiley
 9:30 PM    Money & Life
11:00 PM    Democracy Now!

Tuesday, February 28, 2017
12:00 AM    Ophelia Project - Gender Violence
 1:00 AM    Community Bulletin Board
 9:00 AM    Winning
10:00 AM    Mi Gente Tampa Bay: Hillsborough County Entrepreneur Collaborative Center
10:30 AM    Culture Vultures: James E. Tokley Sr., Poet Laureate
11:00 AM    Maggie Growls
12:00 PM    The Closure Myth
 1:00 PM    National Gallery of Art: Vermeer - Master of Light
 2:00 PM    Journey to Tarahumara
 3:00 PM    Purr View: Vintage Tonya
 3:30 PM    Tampa Bay World Peace Concert: Children's Show
 5:00 PM    Life and Times of Nelson Mandela
 7:00 PM    The Forgotten Bomb
 8:34 PM    Chink in the Armor
 9:00 PM    5 Girls
11:00 PM    Democracy Now!

Wednesday, March 1, 2017
12:00 AM    Ophelia Project - Gender Violence
 1:00 AM    Community Bulletin Board
 9:00 AM    Serving Persons with Disabilities in Shelters
10:00 AM    Spotlight on Government: Daryl Rosenthal, Social Security Administration
10:30 AM    Tampa Bay Insiders: Richard Gonzmart
11:00 AM    The Diamond Empire
12:00 PM    Suffering Grasses
 1:00 PM    Money & Life
 2:30 PM    Mi Gente Tampa Bay: Arte por Jorge Tejeda
 3:00 PM    Innovation Fixation:  Tech Day
 4:00 PM    National Gallery of Art: Ginevra's Story
 5:00 PM    Link TV: Outside the Box
 5:31 PM    Ask Dog Lady
 6:00 PM    Tampa Bay Insiders: Dick Greco
 6:30 PM    The Word of Truth
 7:30 PM    Spotlight on Government
 8:00 PM    TBCN Sports Talk
 8:30 PM    Purr View: Cat Exposé
 9:00 PM    Jo'Burg: A View from the Summit
10:00 PM    Freedom Fuels
11:00 PM    Democracy Now!